Portrait of Bill Maris
Bill Maris

Bill Maris is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and technology executive.  He is the founder of Section 32, a venture capital fund investing at the frontiers of technology and healthcare. Bill’s investments have to date resulted in over 150 exits and more than 50 companies that have grown to over $1B in value.

Bill is the founder and former CEO of Google Ventures, the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. (Google’s parent company). Bill was also Alphabet’s Vice President of Special Projects.

Bill worked closely with the Google founders, helped incubate and launch Google X, Waymo, and Verily, and led global investment activities for Google and Alphabet. During his tenure at Google, Bill was involved with the panoply of cutting-edge technologies and projects, ranging from cybersecurity to cloud infrastructure, aviation, renewable energy, and robotics.

While at Google, Bill founded Calico, a multi-billion dollar company focused on understanding the biology that controls aging and lifespan. Bill was a board member of Nest and recruited the CEOs of Verily, Chronicle, and Calico.

Bill previously founded one of the world’s first web-hosting companies, and worked at Sweden’s Investor AB. Bill also assisted entrepreneur David Green in the transfer of a novel hydrophobic acrylic lens to treat and cure cataract blindness in the developing world to Aurolab. That lens has since helped prevent or cure cataract blindness in more than 50 million people worldwide.

Bill has a degree in neuroscience from Middlebury College, and his background includes research at the Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Neurobiology.

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