John “Four” Flynn
Senior Advisor

John “Four” Flynn is a highly accomplished Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with extensive experience leading security efforts at some of the world’s most prominent technology companies. He joined Amazon in August 2020 as the CISO of Amazon’s retail business. In this role, Four leads the “Stores” Security Team, which includes Amazon’s Worldwide Customer Service, Payments, Healthcare, Physical Stores and Logistics Security teams.

Prior to joining Amazon, Four held security leadership positions at Google, Facebook, and Uber. At Google, he was manager of the Security Operations Team and was instrumental in the historic detection of the cyber-attack by China known as Operation Aurora. Four was also an originator of what became known as the “BeyondCorp” model, which has become the de-facto blueprint for “zero trust” modern security architecture.

At Facebook, Four was the Director of Information Security and led the development of a modern model for employees to perform multi-factor authentication seamlessly and led complex efforts to ensure business continuity. He also led the effort to implement a cutting-edge approach to protect edge caching systems around the world.

As the CISO at Uber, Four led the global security program that spanned operations in more than 80 countries and product verticals as diverse as autonomous vehicles, payments, food delivery, trucking and bike rental.

Earlier in his career, Flynn spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, working on technology projects in developing countries.

Four received his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a MS in Computer Science from George Washington University.


San Diego

Silicon Valley