Test results in hand, Thrive raises $257M to push liquid biopsy toward approval

News from @thrivedetect : Series B, new investors, and progress towards a breakthrough cancer detection blood test.

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Bill Maris, recruits ex-Googlers to Section 32

COVID-19 has only made it clearer that the tools for living a healthy and good life are not fairly or humanely distributed. Recent global events have shined a light on how important Section 32’s mission is.” said Bill Maris, founder of Section 32.

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Bill Maris, who started Google’s VC arm, brings on new hires.

Bill Maris talked to CNBC today about what Section 32 is investing in, looking at, thinking about –>

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Our place in the future of technology and healthcare

When I started Section 32 three years ago, I wanted to create a venture fund that could focus on areas where technology can make a real difference on the most important aspects of our lives.

My last job before Section 32 was as founder and CEO at Google Ventures, and even though I loved my time there, I saw a need for a different type of fund […]

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An early believer in Moderna Therapeutics on the core investing lesson behind a big coronavirus bet

CNBC interviewed our own @MichaelPellini about long-term biotech bets, avoiding reactionary investments and the undervalued diagnostics industry.

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Diagnostics firm says new Covid-19 test could be used 1 million times a week

“Remember that we need to go to tens of millions per week, or even per day, but every step does count.” – @MichaelPellini

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