An update from Section 32

While 2020 was a year that no one wants to dwell on, we wanted to share a brief update about our progress and portfolio. We spent the past year thoughtfully building up our team and continuing to invest in areas that we believe can have an outsized positive impact on people’s lives, like early detection of cancer, more efficient and less expensive drug discovery, AI to improve patient experience, more secure cloud computing, and more.

We are particularly interested in the distribution of innovation, not simply innovation itself; we believe that amazing, life-enhancing technologies should be as ubiquitous and easy to access as the supercomputers we’re all carrying around in our pockets.


We’ve never wanted to grow for the sake of growing, so we’re proud of the bicoastal team we’ve assembled and the depth of experience and insight each person brings to the table. We have a couple more key hires coming soon, so stay tuned.

* We snuck in Tom Zhang, our new Head of Data, and Evalynne Dacayanan, Executive Assistant and Office Lead for Los Altos, even though they technically joined us in 2021. Tom was a longtime colleague of many of ours at Google/GV and also spent time at Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinovation Ventures. Evalynne was previously on operations teams at Google Ventures Chronicle, Verily, and Redpoint Ventures.


There’s been so much momentum across our portfolio since January 2020 that it’s hard to sum it up, but here are some recent highlights:

Mike and the Rockefeller Foundation


Since the start of the pandemic, our managing partner, Mike Pellini, has been serving as Senior Advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation in its efforts to create a national COVID testing infrastructure. We’re proud that in cooperation with various federal agencies, the Foundation’s work is leading the buildout of a national network of COVID PCR testing facilities which will be dedicated to K-12 schools everywhere in the nation.